Spring is here…Time to paint

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  • When I signed up, customer service did not have the materials list. How can I aquire one?
    Some times they are handed our as a flyer to persons who are interested in my class, but very seldom. Call or email me, I will send back an attachment with the information and picture.
  • How old does a student have to be to take your class?
    14 to 18 with a guardian or parent. 18 to a 100+
  • How long will it take for my oil painting to dry?
    Depending on humidity and thickness of the paint, it should take an average of a week to be dry to the touch, six months completely.Bring a box or some container to transport your painting. If it's raining, hold the painting upside down as you leave the store.
  • I'm disabled and cannot stand, Is it possible to sit while I paint?
    Yes we have chairs in front of each easel.
  • I have never painted in my life, Is this a problem?
    No. I do a thing I call" face time", where I rotate around the classroom looking to help someone if they get stuck. In the eight years of teaching, I have never had a student who did not walk out without being proud of their finished painting.
  • What happens if I'm delayed and I arrive an half-hour late?
    Nothing, I will help you catch up while still talking and demonstrating to the class.
  • Do I have to help clean up after the class?
    No. I prefer to clean the brushes and classroom.
  • If I paid for the class and do not show up, is my tution refundable?
    In most cases, depending on the instructor. I understand the policy for cancellation is 24 hours before the class to recieve a refund.

    As for me, a courtesy call is recommended, on the day or day after if possible, unless you transfer to the next class. In the eight years of teaching classes, I have never heard of AC Moore not returning your investment.
  • What do I bring and what materials do you supply?
    You bring a canvas of your choice, mostly it will be a16x20, I do have a few classes with a 14x18 canvas. Click back to the photo of the AC Moore store in the classes page to redeem a coupon, usually 40% to 50% off the retail price of a canvas.

    We have a lunch break during our day classes, you may want to bring a lunch or visit the many restaurants near the AC Moore locations. Consider wearing old clothes.

    I supply everything else you will need for the class. Paint, brushes, paper pallette linseed oil, towels,etc,. Some students like to bring their own palette and easel.
  • I live far from the store, AC Moore wants me to travel to sign up and pay for the class in the store, is there another solution?
    Yes, Call or email me that you are coming a two days before the class event. I will reserve a place for you, pay the day of the class. AC Moore is aware that a commitment must be made to attend a class. I will call the day before the class, if there is less than three, policy is that the class is cancelled.