Oil Paintng Classes in Pennsylvania at AC Moore.

My spring and summer theme…Good times ahead

All of the paintings above are present and past class subjects. We will start and compete a painting in every class.
The next big thing in social media...
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Pinterest is one of the newest social media websites that has quickly become extremely popular with the youth and generally women. If you are an artist or crafter, you may already be a member of this website. In case you don't know much about Pinterest, here is an overview of what it is all about.

Pinterest describes itself as a virtual Pinboard on which you can 'pin' your images to share with your followers. In addition to pinning your photos, you can modify and post anything interesting you find on the internet. In essence, Pinterest is similar to a pinboard hanging on the wall in your a room. I just joined a few days ago and only have two pins, mostly my work. This weekend I will rummage around Pinterest to post things on my board.

When I find an appealing picture or great item, photograph, artwork, or anything I like, I will rip it out and pin it onto my board. If you are a parent, you may have a collection of your child(ren)’s artwork on the refrigerator. The concept is the same, except that this is online and collaborative with other members.

Once you complete the signup process, you get the chance to create different boards for yourself. You can customize and ‘name’ the boards according to your interests. You can also like and follow other people’s boards. One of the commonly used features is the re-pin, which is similar to the retweet on Twitter.

The boards and anything you share on them can be posted on Facebook and other social media websites as well. The original website link from where the image was taken is posted, so when someone clicks on the image, they are directed to that website. This helps in increasing the traffic to that particular website. This alone could be huge due to the incredibly viral nature of social media!

Like all social media websites,Pinterest is designed to be interesting and engaging. There is little surprise that it has grown substantially to be ranked among the top 10 social networks at present. Originally, Pinterest is used by people to organize and share their interests with their friends and other users of the website. Recently, the website has started to generate considerable buzz in the corporate world because of potential opportunity to get their products noticed to Pinterest fans.
As an artist trying to get my work exposed, I will definitely look into Pinterest as a better social media than facebook because it is a picture/graphic orientated site. Please visit my new and sparse Pinterest Boards, If you wish, make a suggestion or comment.
Click her for Phil's Pinterest
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My latest Daily Painting
"Woodworker's Clamp"
A Painting only a Carpenter could love.
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"Cascading Water", is the latest painting created in anticipation of the spring season. Scheduled in Lancaster on March 9th.
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"Winter Night", is the latest painting created especially for this winter. This painting is scheduled for the Allentown Store on February 28th
daily painter blog
Getting serious about blogging. With blogging I can pass on more information to students and other artist. Created my own blogging website domain name. Content is the key, I promise to make it rewarding and informative. My blog will have a menu, Classes, Daily Painting Discipline, What's New, and other categories in the next few weeks.
Below is Phi's Blog

Using Curl

Art n’ Vino event in Tamaqua, Sipping wine and painting, “Bottle and Wine Glass, all 12 girls painted masterpieces. Some never painted before in their life. Event started at the Tamaqua Community Art Center at 6pm until 9:30pm.

Wilkes-Barre Class on for tomorrow, I will definitely be at the AC Moore in Wilkes-Barre,Pa tomorrow to conduct a class,“Evening Lighthouse”. Class is full,Thank you.
Class starts at 10am. More info at:

Warminster Class on for tomorrow, I will definitely be at the AC Moore in Warminster, Pa on Friday August 16th to conduct a class,“Blue Shutters Again”.2 places left, thank you all. Class starts at 10am More info:

Scranton Class Cancelled, The oil painting class at AC Moore in Scranton,Pa has been cancelled,“Hats and Hutch”. My apologies especially Natalie and Tiffany. To view a list of other classes please visit my website at:

Royersford class cancelled, My oil painting class at AC Moore in Royerford, Pa. has been cancelled,“Lady in Green”. My apologies, especially Paul and Cynthia.
To view a list of other classes please visit my website at:

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